4 reasons to plant an amazing garden in 2023

4 reasons to plant an amazing garden 2023

    We have begun planning our garden for this year and I can’t wait to get started! It’s always a debate in our house what to plant and how much but cherry tomatoes seem to be the one my kids want the most. We all enjoy starting the seedlings indoors and checking daily for new sprouts. I find that I never suffer from a lack of help whenit comes to the harvest but sometimesI have to go looking for it when it comes time to weed.

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1 high food costs

  I’m sure this will come as no surprise to any of you, but it is becoming more expensive to feed our families every day. If we look back in history, during hard times people tended to grow some of their own food in small gardens. I don’t exactly think we are in a food crisis but i do think every little bit helps. Since the 1930’s fruits and vegetables prices have gone up almost 3,000% for an average of over 4%year over year. Not to mention increasing transportation and fertilizer costs along with damaging weather events. Depending on your hardiness zone you may be limited by the growing season or types of crops, but it would be worth looking into. I would focus on high yield crops that are calorically dense. So, make a list of your favorites and find out what would grow well in your area. 

2 better taisting varieties

  This was one thing that blew my mind the first time I planted a garden. I used to think a tomato was a tomato until I grew a few plants of my own. The next time you find yourself next to a display of seeds, take note of how many different types of tomatoes you see, and then reference that with the different types available at your local grocery store. The truth is that many of the in-store varieties are modified to withstand certain environmental conditions and provide a longer shelf life. Mind blown right. If you have any doubts, this summer go to a local farmers market and buy a few tomatoes or some okra and i believe you will be pleasantly surprised. Some people might say it is all in my head but I beg to differ.

3 to add some color to your landscape

I live in a desert climate known for the colorful sunsets, and a lot of sand, needless to say green has become my favorite color. The term edible landscape comes to mind. I don’t recall what book or magazine article I was reading but this concept changed how I viewed gardening. Gardening doesn’t have to be done only in rows. You can build so many types of beds and planters, and the internet is loaded with great ideas. Even if you live in a heavily populated area there are many plants you can grow that don’t get very tall, like a jingle bell pepper or micro tomato. Both of which would look great in a nice pot on your balcony or patio.

4 To connect with nature (time for the cheese)

  We live in a perfect system when it comes to nature and if you can slow down enough you will see it all around you. It truly seems to be perfect. From the bees and butterflies to the microorganisms in the soil, all working together to create life and to sustain ours. Amazing how something like planting a garden can be simple on the surface yet complicated on the back end. Maybe that is the reason many people fail their first attempt at gardening, I sure did, there is just a little more than meets the eye. If you take care of your soil, with some proper planning it will take care of you. I probably look at thing different from most people. Over the years I have developed a fond love and respect for nature, and with a little work you can too.

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